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    I... kind of like the sound of this.

    [The ever hyper, gung-ho brunette, age 17 here if we go by roleplays and not the Fic, comes bursting into... the white abyss?]

    Lauren: Wh-where are we? It's large an'... white in 'ere... where's th' furniture? O-or the food?

    Me: And now we see your accent shine through, kiddo. [Here, the Narrator cracks a retarded and dorky grin.]

    Lauren: 'ey, not m' fault tha' people keep tellin' ya tha' accents are a no-no in stories! D: ... Can we let Taunter out? An' where's Collin?

    [Still grinning like a fool, the Narrator looks about herself and blinks.]

    Me: Taunter; Pokeball. Collin... pigging out somewh--

    [But what's this?! Just then, a skinny lad about Lauren's age, with gravity-defying ebony hair akin to a Juggler, boring old jeans and a green T-shirt, comes charging into the abyss! ... Oh, look, he has a sandwich! The Narrator was right.]

    Collin: I do not pig out! In fact, I'm quite fit and healthy.

    Lauren: An' I'm Arceus. Now then... food.

    Collin: What? You expect me to give my well-made sandwich to common riff-raff?

    Lauren: ... Collin, we both come from middle class families. 'ow am I riff-raff?

    Collin: . . . [Quite clearly, the teen has been stumped, despite the whole thing being a joke.] I was joking.

    Me: Right... You know what? I'm... going to leave.

    [Exit-- almost.]

    Collin & Lauren: Narrator!

    Me: Dangit, almost there... WHAT?

    Collin & Lauren: ... Where are Doctor Twit an'/and Gruntwit?

    Me: [Clearly befuddled.] Eh? ... A-ah, the doctor and Rehen? Wrong time period, you two. You're seventeen here, and fifteen in the Fic.

    Collin & Lauren: ... Oh... yeah... Ehehee. [And thus, the nervous chuckles and sweatdrops are cued for the pair.]

    Me: [Pointing towards them both.] Anywho, that's Lauren W. and Collin S., from Hoenn and Kanto respectively. They've been rivals--

    Lauren: --G' friends!

    Collin: Best friends.

    Me: --for a long while now. Right guys?

    Collin & Lauren: Right!

    -Taunter the Haunter
    -(ゴースト Ghost)
    -Team Wilhelm "Leader"
    -Gas Pokémon
    -5'03" & 0.2 lbs
    -Lvl. 65
    -And he talks?!
    -"Hau hau! Why yes, your soul looks very delicious..."