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    Scyther: Hey, what's going on? Last I knew, we were all separated by a Voltorb explosion and were about to each get into a battle.

    Mark: Hmmm... well, judging by the fact that I understood that and that the only characters here are the ones from Chapter Seven, I'd guess that our author dropped us in that 'Character Chat' thread at Pokecommunity to up his postcount and plug the fic that we star in.

    Scyther: Well, could he at least send me back? I'm not going to wait for my fight just for this waste of time.

    Mark: I'm gonna have to agree; I'm not big on fame, and Bladed should know that by now.

    BladedScizor: Oh, come on, can't you at least pretend you're enjoying this?

    Pidgeotto: Well, I think that meeting all of these other trainers and Pokemon could be fun.

    Poliwag: Wow, there are some neat Pokemon here!

    Scyther: Look, Mark may have started as a self-insert, but you're getting to be different people now, so I really have no inclination to listen to you.

    BladedScizor: Well, if your presence here can draw in more readers, I might get more reviews; if I get more reviews, I'll be more motivated to write faster, and if I write faster, you'll get to your fights sooner.

    Scyther: ...Okay, fine.

    Mark: Well, there might be some pretty experienced trainers here; I suppose if I can get some advice from them, I can keep this from being a total annoyance.

    Pidgeotto: Well, good to have that settled; let's go around and see who else is here.

    Poliwag: Hi everyone! It's good to meet you all!