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Annette: Hey I only got one line last time, and it was only one word!

SupahFunk: Sorry, I just didn't have many things for you to say!

Sable: Hey, you dropped your nickname!

SupahFunk: So, I just didn't like it as much as my normal nickname.

Sable: Normal nickname? That isn't your actual name?

Saul: Of course it isn't his real name, did you actually think someone would name their child SupahFunk?

Sable: Well, I thought maybe he had a name change, or something.

SupahFunk: Why would I change my name to SupahFunk, and not something else, like 'Roy' or 'Garet' or even 'Darren!'

Darren: Why would you steal my name?

SupahFunk: Well, I uhh.. Actually uhh.. Use names that I uhh... came up with when I was little that I named my characters from pokemon Red and Blue.

Darren: Wait, so you're saying you swiped my name from a game based on my universe?

SupahFunk: Uhh... Yeah, I never reall come up with names that I haven't had help with. Like Saul, he is an Absol, see?

Darren and Saul: No.

SupahFunk: Well, do you see how the name Sable and her being a Sableye are related?

Everyone else: No.

SupahFunk: Do you at least get how Annette's name is realted to her being a Bannette?

Everyone else: Still no.

Annette: Hey, I though you were going to give me more lines! I do carry berries with me wherever I go!

Okay, okay, don't throw any!

Annette: That's what I thought.

Darren: Well, SupahFunk, how much longer until we figure out why I'm being hunted down by an angry Espeon?

SupahFunk: I am not at liberty to tell.

Darren: You don't know, do you?

SupahFunk: No. It will be soon though, I think.

Darren: You think? You aren't certain?

SupahFunk: No. Just be patient, not that you really need it. It hasn't even been a week since you found out someone was trying to kill you!

Saul: Besides, you haven't even stopped for lunch yet!

Darren: I thought you where supposed to decide that.

Saul: No, you were.

Well, alright, I'll get out your oran berries. Wait, where are they?

Sable and Annette: How are we supposed to kn-
[The berries fall on the floor behind them] Crap.

Darren: Okay, Fork them over.

Saul: Wait, where are we?
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