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    [By chance, Mercury overhears Fuega and immediately jumps into a fighting stance with a Poke Ball in hand.]

    Mercury: What was that?! Say that to my face! Pokemon or not, I'll show you who's stinking up the place [She proceeds into a long and colorful threat.]

    Sebastian: For the love of--

    [He slaps his forehead.]

    Benvolio: On behalf of my companions, I would like to apologize. All of them are irrational idiots who do not actually mean to offend or threaten you.

    Puck: Relax. It's not like she's much of a threat anyway.

    Mercury: I heard that! Want me to come over there and mess you up?!

    Puck: This coming from the dead girl.

    Guildenstern: Hey! That's right! Merc, aren't you supposed to be dead right now?

    Mercury: Shut up!

    Rosencrantz: So, does that mean that she's, like, a zombie or somethin'?

    Mercury: How about I come over there and crack open your head so you can find out whether or not I'll eat your brains!

    Benvolio: ...That doesn't actually make sense.

    Mercury: Bite me!

    Rosencrantz: Isn't that your job?

    [Mercury continues into a string of threats towards Rosencrantz's manhood. Meanwhile, Viola joins the Greek chorus Bill and Jax off to the side.]

    Viola: I'm confused. How is Mercury here?

    Bill: I wish I could offer you a reasonable explanation, Viola, but I don't believe this situation is meant to make any particular sense. Technically, I should be dead by your time.

    Cesario, unseen from the wing: It's true. The man is old enough to be my great grandfather's great grandfather.

    Olivia, unseen: It's a wonder the maggots haven't eaten clean through his skull yet. The brain is the tastiest part.

    Orsino, unseen: My sister knows this from experience.

    [Viola and Bill turn their heads to stare blankly at the Trio for a moment. Finally, Bill turns to Jax, who seems to be looking around eagerly. He motions towards the fighting between Mercury and the boys, which seems to have escalated into a wrestling match.]

    Bill: Jax, it would be wise to intervene with--

    [Before he can finish, Jax holds up a hand.]

    Jax: Hold on! I swear to God I just heard Sho Minamimoto somewhere around here.

    [She heads off in the direction of Lisa. Viola crosses her arms and sends a sidelong glance towards Bill.]

    Viola: So is this why neither of us get updates frequently anymore?

    Bill: Unfortunately.
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