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Maxi: Wow, were surrounded by a bunch of people who we don't know, and whoa, look at that one girl.

IceDragon2439: Yeah, she's wrestling with those guys.

Rebecca: *puts hands on her head**mutters boys*

IceDragon2439: Okay, so about your story, I'm a little stuck.

Maxi: Stuck?!? You're not the one thats stuck. Me and Rebecca here have been in Professor Elm's lab for the past week. I haven't even gotten my starter!

Rebecca: It's oky Ice, you'll be inspired soon.

IceDragon2439: Thanks Rebecca.

Rebecca: No problem, plus you made me so I'm more than proud to be here for you. *Smiles*

Cstorm: Hah, that's what you think! I've been stuck in snow for over seven months! And it's because of you two losers!

IceDragon2439: Cstorm! How did you get here?

Cstorm: I don't know!? And I have some choice words for you *motions me over to him and parades me with vulgar language*

Maxi: Who's that punk lashing...hey I'm not a loser!

Rebecca: *Watches as me, Cstorm and Maxi get into a huge arguement* *mutters* Boys
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