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Wildfire: *snickers*

Hypno: What's so funny?

Flame: *snickering* You.

Hypno: Why? How?!

Solar Beam: No reason.

Hypno: Whatever.

Vanessa: You guys!!

Harmony: I miss being green. I liked that blinding green!

Maylon: Blue's better!

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Maylon: Uh huh!

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Maylon: Uh huh

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Vanessa: *whispers to Flame* How long do you think they can keep this up?

Maylon: Uh huh

Harmony: Nuh uh!

Solar Beam: Enough already!!!

Maylon and Harmony: *quiets*

Vanessa: Wow, Solar Beam. I could hardly ever do that!

Solar Beam: Why thank you!

Sassy: Hi, everyone out there!

[Sassy always fights with a single Pokemon on the team.]

Rampage: Wow. It's an event to commemorate; Sassy speaks!

Sassy: Shut up, Rampage! *punches Rampage*

Rampage: *dodges punch*

Vanessa: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down or it's back in your Poke Balls for you two!

Sassy and Rampage: Sorry...