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(Probably did this wrong, but whatever. XD)

[Four people and a Ninetales came inside the Character Chat thread, each one looking at their surroundings. It seemed that they were not alone and everyone was engaging on something]

Bunny: Bay, you know what is going on here?

Balin (the Ninetales): [nods] Nine!

Bay: [shrugs] Seems like this is a place where writers and their characters interact. As a writer, I should be writing the next part of your adventure. I decided that not only me but you guys need a break.

Jacob: [chuckles] Sounds like a grand idea!

Jenny: Does this place have beer?

[Bay shakes her head]

Jacob: Well, this place seems like a good place to relax, espcially with us trying to run from the police.

Bunny: [Eyes went wide] Relaxing! This place is chaos!

Jenny: [Laughs] Hey, it's at least better than nothing? Would you rather keep running away from Lucas and Timmy?

[Bunny shakes her head and then her Ninetales chuckled.]

Jacob: It settles then! We'll stay here for a little while!

Bay: [grins] Yep.

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