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    Taunter: [Peering about at all the other people and posts of the thread...] Look at all the people~. Where did they all come from~?

    Me: Beatles ref. Sweetness!

    Lauren: [She snorts at her Haunter, clearly not impressed by the raspy singing of the Ghost/Poison Type-- he appears to be tone-death, much to her chagrin.]

    Collin: ... You know what?

    Me: I know what. It's hard to keep you all In Character so late at night.

    Collin: . . . Then don't try it?

    Taunter: Mweehehehehe....

    Me: Well, Taunter's easy; I just have to turn my brain off and cease to think.

    Taunter: DD:! [Clearly offended, he tries to float away to another post and another group of people.] Fine! I can tell when I'm not wanted!

    Lauren: . . . 'E isn't even watchin' where 'e's goin'. ... This outta b' fun!

    Collin: Agreed, Lauren. [He sits back in the Abyss of Whiteness, eating kettle corn and dipping it in chocolate on occasion.]

    Me: Chocolate... @@

    Collin: Back off; it's mine.

    -Taunter the Haunter
    -(ゴースト Ghost)
    -Team Wilhelm "Leader"
    -Gas Pokémon
    -5'03" & 0.2 lbs
    -Lvl. 65
    -And he talks?!
    -"Hau hau! Why yes, your soul looks very delicious..."