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txteclipse: Back!

Latias: Finally! We were being crushed by a wall of text.

Kairn: Yeah! We were about to start making room with our swords! [Ren nods in agreement]

txteclipse: Seems I got here just in time. Now give me those. [takes swords]

Both boys: Hey!

Houndoom: [wakes up from one of his much-beloved naps and glares at everyone, flames curling around his jaws]

Everyone else: [backing away from Houndoom with nervous smiles] "We're done. You can sleep now."

[Houndoom goes back to sleep]

txteclipse: [tosses away swords, which narrowly miss some innocent bystanders] You'll get those back when I put you back into the Eon Chronicles. For now...just chill, alright? I'll steal some music from P_M_0 if it will make you feel better. [does so]

P_M_0 (from a long way off): Hey! That's mine!

Nadroj (also from a long way off): Who the heck was that?

Kairn: What kind of music is this?

txteclipse: It's trance. Tiesto, specifically: it's all P_M_0 had on him.


Latias and Ren: Agreed...

[Everyone's innate sense to head-bob kicks in]

txteclipse: Latios, try to tone it down a bit. You're going to snap your neck.

Latios: I can't help it...
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