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Hey, I am late to something as usual. But here are the characters that have been introduced so far.

KC: go say hi

Taylor: *blushes* um... that’s okay *sneaks over to corner to hide*

Alva: wow!! so many people

Mew: look at all these humans and pokemon that I never meet

Mai: many new smells to smell,

KC: whoa calm down y'all, except Taylor, if you calmed down anymore you’d be dead,

Taylor: leave me alone

Alva: oh yeah, guess I got carried away

Mai: but, but...

Mew, oh right, hi, I'm a Mew

Mai: but, but...

Alva: come on Mai, now your getting on my nerves, oops.

Mai: hey my name

Alva: sorry

KC: for those of you who don’t know why my characters are picky about ther names is because in the story it is considered rude to know ones name with out that person telling you.

Mew: hey I wanted to tell them that

KC: well you should of said something

Mew: not fair *pouts*

KC: keep it up and I will write you a death scene

MEW: *attitude changes* hehe, your so nice

Mai: I'm not scared of death leave her alone

KC: no, but how would you like to fall in the middle of a lake?


KC: uh huh that’s what i though
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