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Fuega: YES. Thank you. More Pokemon.

Me: -bound and gagged- Mmmph!

Freesk: Ooh! Do you think any of them will want to play with me?

Kevin: ...

Fuega: Eh? What's up, moron?

Kevin: ...over there...

[Some distance away from the Fuega characters, a plothole opens in the white abyss and a Torterra steps through. He looks around.]

Twiggy: Hey, is there a party going on in here?

Kevin: ...who...?

Twiggy: 'Coz NOBODY starts a party without ME.

Fuega: Oh, I remember you. You're that annoying Torterra from the fic Aqua's rewriting.

Twiggy: And when she's done, the fic will ROCK your SOCKS.

Fuega: ...?

Twiggy: Because I'M in it!

[The plothole opens again and the female protagonist of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl sticks her head out.]

Kalia: Twiggy! What are you doing?!

Twiggy: Partyin'.

Kalia: -looks around at the assortment of (strangely acting) characters- Uh, no. Get back here.

Twiggy: Aw...

[both go back through the plothole]

Fuega: -sticks her tongue out at Twiggy as he leaves-
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