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Originally Posted by zatch325 View Post
Hey hey hey! hey hey hey hey.... ok, you listening? Ok, Good, so I'm a newb here, and I don't know any kind of way to code, can you teach me with a step by step process on how to use the PKSVUI? because it's difficuilt to work it when you clueless on how to code
It gets easier when you're more accustomed to this kind of scripting.
The best way to see an example script is to decompile one - for example, the berry script in Pokémon Ruby is the default address for decompiling from (press F8 in PKSV-UI and you will see what I mean).
If you want to see the "Burrito of Doom" script, then go back to the first page...
But if you want to know what things do first, a basic guide:
#org : Starts writing data to this offset. Only the last 6 hex digits of the offset are used, as GBA can't handle more than this. If you don't define it in hex, then it is converted to hex first (internally).
#define : Not used in decompiled scripts. Applies an alias to a value. (eg. #define dead-food 0xDEADF00D , or #define newspace FREESPACE100). If you define something as free space, use the format "#define NAME freespaceAMOUNT", where name is what you want to call the free space and amount is how much space you need, in bytes in hex.
#raw : Writes 1 byte to ROM. In other words, if you are trying to write something bigger than 255 (0xFF) then you need more #raw blocks, or a "." command.
. : Not used in decompiled scripts. Writes a hex string to a ROM. (eg. ". Deface dead f00d" would write the hex string "DE FA CE DE AD F0 0D" to ROM)
jump : Continues script execution at a different position.
call : Same as jump, but a "return" will cause it to return to the position this command is at.
message X/showmsg/waitbutton/closemsg : Shows the message at offset X.
msgbox X/callstd MSG_NORMAL : Same as above, but not as flexible.
loadpointer 0 X/callstd MSG_NORMAL : Not used in decompiled scripts. Now you're just being silly.
I hope this is enough for you to get started!
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