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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
I've also seen the veteran Rpgs, save YZ, which is like if gods RP'ed, dry up eventually. As a lurker, I've seen a lot of good RP's just die off. The gap really dries up the amount of RP'ers, and some people dissapear. There are also the mediocre people- not illiterate enough to be newbs, but not good enough to get into most veteran RP's. Like me. I am that.
Well the attitude I had when going into YZ was... freakishly positive, to say the least. I still remember telling David, "I'm going to make this roleplay a success, no matter what it takes!" So even now, my face is still glued to the screen waiting like a rabid fangirl for the next chapter of BLEACH, making sure that there's nothing more than a 12 hour interval between the time someone posts and the time I end up reading the post. shut up, it's fun. So I think the attitude you have when you go into the RP really affects your interest in it. And the fact that David led us along like mules in the beginning really helped. xD!

But the attitude I had when signing up for like, The World Ends With You: Another Game was more like, "Oh, it's probably going to get past the first posts and be done with. Well whatever, might as well sign-up and see if it gets any further than what I'm expecting." And what do you know, it hasn't even started. <_<

Like I said, the attitude someone takes going into a roleplay will really impact how it's performance goes. If everyone's expecting it to die off, then it's going to die off, but if a collective group is determined enough to make the show go on, well. The show must go on. ;D

And I agree wholeheartedly with the name thing. I'm this close to banning 'Journey' and 'Adventure' from thread titles. xDDDD Kidding, kidding, for all those of you who think I'm a mindless tyrant.

Anyway, Alter Ego has a valid point. (As usual. :|)

RPs which few veterans would deign to touch even with a ten-foot barge pole, at least for any other purpose than to laugh at and/or be frightened by them.
^ My sentiments put into the best form possible. [/laugh]

And on other notes, out of all the 'new people' I've RP'd with, the only one that ever got anywhere was Kansas. :| He was patient with it, put up with veterans and their selective, "Ugh-ness" towards newbies, and slowly he got good enough so that when he signed up for the 'veteran' roleplays, you didn't hear a collective groan from everyone who has 'automatically accepted' printed across their forehead. Every other newbie I've been acquainted with either lost interest, seemed to have something else going on in their lives that should've been a red flag for them to not join an RP that would cause them to hinder the progress of the RP, or it was just as if their brains fell out of their heads after they finished writing their sign-up.


I mean, I used to really admire Kansas for being so generous. He'd always be on the lookout for freshmeat- I mean, fresh material. I think that's something we should all do, but it was like nobody really appreciated it. The newbies he'd set his eyes on would always fail in some way or another. They wouldn't post on time, they did something totally unprecedented, I dunno, something always didn't work right. I mean, who wants to put effort in and get nothing in return?

I think that the Pokemon Roleplay section is a great place to nurture new RP'ers. After all, this place is my home; my n00b self's heart and soul. I think what we really need is people who are willing to read everything. I mean, I learned so much just from reading ShadowFaith's sign-up sheets. I'm sure people would be able to pick up little things that they can add to their posts and sign-ups if they just read other people's stuff.

Oh, and I especially hate it when people are like, "I don't know what more to add. DDD:" To me, that's just a translation for: "I don't want to add anything else." or "I'm too lazy, sue me." There's plenty to add! I think having a list of things you could add would probably help a lot...? Like, "Accessories" "Hair" "Bangs?" "Clothes" "Eyes" "Eye shape?" "Body shape" "Tall?" "Short?" "Feet size?" "Painted nails?" "Make-up?" "Skin texture" "Skin Color" Something like that?

I love guides, but when people aren't even reading things like the rules or announcements that make life easier for them, why would they read the guides? The only people I feel that actually take the time to read guides are the people who are already "veterans". <_< That's my outlook on them anyway, which is why I neglect to write any myself, even though I love to read them. :|

The discussion thread is deceased for all practical purposes and I have yet to find a single RP guide that actually covers IC posting or plot writing to any significant depth, so claiming that there is any real way to self-study your way to being a good RPer with those is questionable to say the least.
Argh, the discussion thread was just a pent up building of frustration. It's like, you'd tell people this was wrong, that was wrong, and then they'd do a crap job of improving. It was a total failure, and most of the people posting in there had no reason to. <_< Their plots were good enough for people to move along with anyway.

Self-study is really the only way to improve in PC right now though. I mean, before it was a breeze to get better; We had a really good bulk of 'advanced', 'intermediate', and 'beginner' roleplayers. Intermediate roleplayers were like, the lifespan of the RP section; the people who didn't mind roleplaying with anybody, as long as they had acceptable grammar. But we lost the 'intermediates' or they were absorbed into the 'advanced', and now the valley between the top and bottom is a gaping crack in the planet. :| So there blows the idea of self-study.

I dunno, I'm just rambling on about nothing at this point. xD;

I do have a little idea I want to try though, but I need to talk it over with the RP owner, because I'm a terrible RP master, so even if I wanted to start an RP to see the different levels and help some people improve, I can't. xD!

Anyway, I'm not really thinking straight right now, but I'll probably give a better assessment later.