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Well, I'm one of those newb RP'ers everyone is complaining about. I did a little RPing on some different forums, but those were highly unregulated, and well, crappy. And while I did read the rules and checked out all the links in the "The NEW Useful Links for New RPers" (the ones that worked, anyways), and I have to say most of them were pretty helpful. But if as far as "guides" go, if there aren't any better/ other ones, then it might help if those better/other ones were compiled. If there aren't, then oh well. I suppose I am in the minority as far as new RP'ers who read the rules and guides go, which is kinda sad. Really. But the only people who I've ever found it to be really a pain to RP with were those who couldn't take the time to word a post with proper English.

Also, the Pokemon Roleplay section seems to be all but abandoned by those "veterans". Well, I suppose I can understand why.

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