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Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Well, I'm one of those newb RP'ers everyone is complaining about. I did a little RPing on some different forums, but those were highly unregulated, and well, crappy. And while I did read the rules and checked out all the links in the "The NEW Useful Links for New RPers" (the ones that worked, anyways), and I have to say most of them were pretty helpful. But if as far as "guides" go, if there aren't any better/ other ones, then it might help if those better/other ones were compiled. If there aren't, then oh well. I suppose I am in the minority as far as new RP'ers who read the rules and guides go, which is kinda sad. Really. But the only people who I've ever found it to be really a pain to RP with were those who couldn't take the time to word a post with proper English.

Also, the Pokemon Roleplay section seems to be all but abandoned by those "veterans". Well, I suppose I can understand why.
Well as far as guides go, the only ones I remember are ShadowFaith and Alter Ego's guides, and both of those are only Sign-up guides? Anyway, Alter Ego's guide is linked in the rules, but I'm not sure if it's only Other Roleplay. [/has a hard time keeping up with the edits on the rules for both sections. xD;;] (And I'm not under the impression that you're one of the newbs we're complaining about, since your grammar seems polished and your sentence structures are good. And you've read the rules and stuff, which earned a 'thank god people like this still exist' from me. xDD) You just need to add more bulk to your posts, is the only issue I'm seeing. I think AE is writing a 'four-lines-minimum' guide that might (I'm crossing my fingers) expand on making those super-ridiculously-long-god-like-essays that he writes on a regular basis, so you could probably check that out once he's done. ^^

As for PRP being abandoned by veterans, I definitely agree. But hopefully we can change that soon. :<

I was just recently re-reading the first few pages of this thread, (got a very good laugh at myself, and a very good re-evaluation on my level of intelligence which is seemingly very low) and I saw this:

Originally Posted by Alter Ego
The "Nice Character": I'm not sure if this has been mentioned already, but...have you ever come across the endlessly understanding, kind, and encouraging character who'll forgive everyone for everything every time without a shadow of a doubt but is always ready to kick evil butt? These would be the polar opposite of "troublemaker" characters, I guess, bordering on the Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu category but without the L33T battle skills of doom. I mean sure, getting along with the rest of the cast is all well and good, but let's draw the line somewhere, m'kay? No-one can always be complete and utter friends with everyone else in the group and always agree with everything they say, that's not human! <.< The worst thing is, these accursed leppers are really hard to pin down because they aren't really godmodding or powerplaying (Since they don't force others to like them or miraculously win every battle) and certainly aren't disrupting the plot. The fact that they are making you, personally, pull out your hair and scream "Can't you act normal even once?!" is unfortunately not a very good basis for kicking them out of the RP, so make sure to stamp these infernal pests out in the sign-up process. Trust me, it will save you a lot of frustrated hair-pulling later on.
I died of laughter, because as of the creation of Dimitri: GUILTYGUILTYGUILTY. (... well kind of.) This thread is amazingly helpful actually. Re-reading everything. Duck-pond RPing reminds me of YZ in so many ways harharhar~ and I'm just seeing all these things we used to gripe about, and it's interesting to see how many more of those things I'm guilty of now. I love this thread. Ozy. You no longer come to PC. But you are still a god for making this thread. <3333