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    I was thinking of a hack called Pokemon Amethyst

    Hack of:Fire Red
    Amethyst Storyline
    In the large country of Kuto, where some of the toughest 16 Gyms ever can be found, and even harsher Elite 4, and then still more trainers harsher than that, one boy will face the Southern Pokemon League
    You live in the southern half of Kuto. You play as a thirteen year old boy, named Josh. Your cousin, who recently moved in with you, is 7 years old. His name is Ryan. But one day, you’re playing with your family Pokémon, Evee (he is nicknamed Bud). Then, your best friend, named Amber, comes over and says “Hey, shouldn’t you come to the lab and get your first Pokémon? It is that day after all!” So you rush out the door to Prof. Duff’s house, and you grab your starter Pokémon. From there, you notice your rival, Pauline. She grabs a Pokémon, and without saying anything, leaves. So then you go downstairs with Amber and have a battle… You had lots of fun battling, so you ask your mom if you can join the Pokemon league. She says “Ok, but don’t go wandering to the northern half of the Country, I don’t want you traveling that far!” So from there you start an Adventure to the southern half of Kuto!
    Q. Why only the southern half of Kuto?
    A. Certain Reasons that will not be revealed
    Q. What Importance does your cousin have?
    A. Certain Reasons that will not be revealed
    Q. Who’s the female protagonist?
    A. Amber
    Q. Can you play as Pauline?
    A. NO
    Q. Will you be making more hacks?
    A. YES
    Q. Are all the Pokemon catchable?
    A. No
    Q. Will there be a sequel?
    A. Yes
    Q. New pokemon?
    A. Yes


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