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"Before you say it, I'm not trying to be zel"

Hey, I'm Linkandzelda, you've probably either heard very little about me or nothing at all...
Well anyways, I've been working on this project since march 07. It's a remake of crystal but yet adds a new experience to it. I'm not trying to copy zel so don't attempt to spam the thread with posts aimed at remakes or myself. I'm a determined guy so I won't give this hack up. My strong point is scripting and you'll see some interesting ones in Pokémon Liquid Crystal. Well Hope you enjoy my hack :)

The info
This is a Hack of Fire red
And is called "Liquid Crystal"

Owner: Linkandzelda
Co-Owner: Synyster_Zeikku

This obviously wont be a 100% accurate remake, it will have differences.
New Rivals and other extra battles.
A new berry system, allowing people to grow their own berries.
New places and area's to roam and discover.
New music.
Johto worldmap
Travel to the Orange Islands

"Closing the thread for a while until sufficient hack progress has been made..."


More screens will be uploaded soon...

Trainer Request

NOTE: Trainer Request is officially closed. I will not be accepting any more requests from now on...

IF the request is accepted then I'll add your trainers name to the lis below:

Accepted And Inserted Trainers:
PKMN Trainer John
Ace Trainer Ian (not shiny)
Cooltrainer Monkey
Ace Trainer Mike
Cooltrainer Gabe
Cooltrainer Zach
Ace Trainer DGR

Accepted Not Inserted
Ace Trainer Raqib12
PKMN Breeder Kaylee
Ace Trainer Matt
Psychic Darthalex
Cooltrainer Sotiris
Rain Dancer
PKMN Trainer Xorath
Cooltrainer Evan
Ace Trainer Jake
Ace Trainer Tora
Ace Trainer Zekk
Ace Trainer Kesaru
Ace Trainer Orange
Ace Trainer Luke
Tamer Nani
Ace Breeder Spike
Ace Trainer Deadly
PKMN Trainer Wendy
Bug Catcher Marxvile
PKMN Trainer Illidan
PKMN Ranger

To Review
Cooltrainer Shadow
PKMN Trainer Aaron
Eletist Dirk
Ace Trainer Killbeast
PKMN Trainer Valo
Cooltrainer Theo
?????? Gareth
Fighting Champion Miguel
Ace Trainer Jake

Cooltrainer Missingno

1. opinions are welcome but comparisons are not allowed
2. Have fun :)


HTML Code:

HTML Code:

HTML Code:

Fan Art

Credits to Bombah for this awsome art work. Keep it up dude :D


Game Help

Stuck on the game? Then go to the new help thread created by Pokepal17. The thread can found here

Credits to Dirk123 for the following documents

Need to know where to find a certain Pokemon? Then Dirk123's Pokemon Locations FAQ is the place to look before asking. The post containing the .DOC file is here.

Dont feel like asking a question on the help thread? Why not check Dirk123's walkthrough before asking in this thread. This also includes a bug report for people to read BEFORE reporting a bug. The post containing the .DOC file can be found here.

Wondering when your Trade Evolution Pokemon will evolve? Check the special evolution post from Dirk123. It contains all the special evolutions. the post can be found here.

foullump - For helping me start to script
zel - For helping me script and letting me use his hero back sprites from the old SG
thethethethe - General help with problems.
JVG - fixing the title screen fantasticly.
shadowboy166 - fixing the male, female sprites in oak intro.
Ssyn, kid nino, megiddo and Horus - Beta testing
Keyrin - Battle Sprites
Don patch - Some Tiles
Marnaic - OW Boy Sprite
Spriters resource - Some More Tiles
CloneX- Music
Bombah - Some OW Sprites
Zeikku- Graphical work, Beta testing, plot and General support and comfort LOL! :)
AmineX - Doing some remixes for me
megiddo - Help with music remixing and looping some music
gridiron - Bag
PHO/Alistair - Lighthouse Tile and other tiles
Magnius: Using some of his excellent remixes and beta testing
~Teh Panda~: Some maps for the Orange Islands
Hackmew: For making excellent tools and helping mewith general problems
Someperson2008: Beta testing
Pokepal17: outdoor gym building, general help and solutions
Sergio: Orange islands first gym leader sprite
Coolboyman: Fixing the Evolution bug in Beta 2. Thank you so much dude :D


Beta 1

The beta 1.0 is on a mirror only
This is the less buggy one i think.

Beta 1.1

Beta 1.1 Patch:
this has a few bugs that stop the gameplay. if there are any then switch back to 1.0 and then back to 1.1

Length: Full Johto, 5 towns of Kanto.

Beta 2
Includes full Johto and Kanto.


Beta 2.1
Includes full johto and kanto and up to the first gym battle in the Orange Islands


UPS Patchers

Patchers for windows, linux and mac

UPS patcher: