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    Hi, I am applying for a Beta Reader position.

    Catergory: Language, Grammar, Proofreading (mainly the last two)
    Genre specialty: Any, I am pretty flexible. But I am best with romance, comedy, fantasy, and journey fics (or at least deeply interested in tackling Fantasy)
    Preferred method of contact: PM's
    Examples of writing: Still in production of "Tear of Life". If you want to read the unrevised/original version just ask me to PM it to you; Same if you want to read a sample of my romance writing
    Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
    The first one is me on an "angry" day :p -

    Strengths/weaknesses (optional):
    I used to write poetry; some of my descriptions utalize that - which is fitting for Romance especially - Feel free to tell me if I go overboard there

    Triplets with IceDragon2439 and Buoysel

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