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Last night I thought up an idea for a pokemon hack.
If it is made it will be my first hack, please tell me whether this is a good idea.

Hack of: Fire red
Your brother has just become champion of the *Fill in* league. Your father mysteriously dissapeared 3 months ago and now you've just turned 13, you grow tired and fall asleep after havng an awesome birthday.
The next day you have to go back to trainer school where you get given a tutorial about the game. After the tutorial a Noctowl comes with a note:
You have had enough experience, The legendary Lucas and Dawn would be proud of you. Come to my lab and test your strength

~The Proffesor

After this you go to the proffesor's house and battle your brother with one of the three starter pokemon, he will have the type advantage
Then you start your journey to uncover your dad and beat the *fill in* league

Note: You will find out after the second gym that your dad's location is after the eighth gym and about team *Dimension*

Note 2: You will find out after the eighth gym you will find out that your dad is the leader of team *Dimension*


Like i said before please rate
team Dimension and fill in are subject to change if created
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