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Originally Posted by charizard19 View Post
Cool to see a good crystal remake :)
No offense but I don't like the berry tree. It looks like a carpet....
Were thinking of doing our own one which is different to GSC and RSE.

Originally Posted by Visual View Post
I'm not really liking the graphics these days, they don't have a balance.
It will only look good if you change all the tiles. Plus the trees don't look that nice :( Also, the zelda tiles only go good with taller trees. I liked the graphics better when they werent changed to extremes.

But your scripting is going well, I know that, so that will be a strong point.
Good luck getting everything working together.
Well. We spent ages finding a combination of tiles that look good (In our opinion) so It's unlikely that we will change them any time soon. We are planning some new building tiles though so look forward to them.

Thanks for all the comments guys.
Im working on this as im posting so keep an eye out for some updates.