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Originally Posted by zel View Post
So far it's looking nice, a few things that I didnt like are the tiles for the green ground (I have the impression that I'll become an eye killer after a while), and the green path (but, usually, I never really liked any of the green paths on the games, even my own) Also, I dont seem to understand what you replaced the flames in the titlescreen with, I guess that part would need a bit more of work.

I'm intrigued with what Zeikku said "they'll grow eventually", I'm wondering how that is gonna be implemented. Well, no need to explain it yet, anyway :P

The world map looks fine. It's a very complete hack if you ask me, having many aspects already changed. I hope to see more screens about scripts, of course! Good luck!

Good to see a post from you zel.
about the tiles. Its possible that we might change them or perhaps do some pallete magic :) I agree with you about the green path i never truly liked it much but i think the palletes are linked so i cant do much about it.

the flames in the title screen are bubbles that go up and pop. they look abit rough but i think there ok when there moving.

about the berrys. There already complete and fully working exept i havent finished implementing them all yet as each tree requires a minimum of 25 flags :surprised:.

Originally Posted by Silent Storm View Post
I am digging the hack so far, but my main problem is that the trainer card sprite for gold looks a little weird.
I think its a revamp of the old original GOLD. We could redo it i supose.