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Pokemon Shrouded Chaos

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red
Creator: itman1234

Note: Sorry if the thread layout bothers you or whatever, as it appears to be the new thing to worry about now, but I really don't care, so yea.

Heyyyy, I'm itman1234. Some of you MAY (very unlikely) remember my last hack, Pokemon NeoRocket Thieves. If you do, than I'll tell you what happened: My grades sucked and I had to get them up, and by then it was like 2 months with no updates, so I decided to make a new hack. I waited awhile, improved a lot, and here's my new hack, yayayayay. I have been working on this for about a month now, I'm not too far though due to having to restart it, and changing many things, but yea, it's cool now :)

Ok, well, there are acutally many plots that occur, but not one flat out story line. Just picture is at you are surrounded by many plot lines (hence the name, Shrouded Chaos, makes sense not, doesn't it?). Well, here are the biggest ones that happen:

1. I don't want to spoil this one too much, but Mewtwo is trying to kill you (the reason is evident and makes sense, but I don't want to say it now, it will spoil some things). He locates you and tries to catch you. The only way to stop him is with the sleep modules that the Prof. used before on Mewtwo (not saying how he got him, what he was doing with him, you'll find out very very very soon into the game).

2. Very short and sweet: there is this man who is following you, you catch him at it once or twice, but he always get's away. But you don't know why he's following you, and there is a reason...

3. After an encounter with this man and a battle, you find he has a weird and strange acting Pokemon. Later you find out that he is extracting Pokemon DNA and putting them into others, ending up in a deformed or mixed up Pokemon. One Pokemon I will give away is he has a Totodile, and inserted Abra DNA into it, making it able to learn Psychic attacks along with water. He must be stopped, as not only are Pokemon being killed when he fails an experiment, or when the DNA doesn't mix, and he's after a legendary Pokemon, one that will be perfect for his is not going to be said now, but use your imagination ;)

Screenshots of terror (terror cause I think taking screens is the most boring thing in the world).

1. Lots and lots of scripting, as that is my number 1 strong point.
2. I'm putting in a bunch of Fakemon, I think in small amounts they are fun to have, so yea. Many of them probably won't end up being catchable, but I'll allow 2-3 maybe, I think it's more fun to be against them than actually having them...I could be wrong though ;) (all credited respectively).
3. The adorable TEDDIURSA is your starter, I edited its stats, attacks and everything else, so its even more awesome :) You will probably from this point on hear me refer to it as Teddy, cause that's what it is.
4. Some new tiles and stuff, I started out with a ROM base, but later inserted some tiles from other people (all credited respectively).

Help Wanted
1. A second mapper (I find mapping boring, and it's not my strongest aspect in hacking). If you want to apply for the job, just ask with proof of a map you made (could be anything).
2. Someone to edit the world map for me, it's a big job, but I've tried numerous amounts of times, I just can't do it :(

-Megiddo for coming up with the name of the hack, and for all the help in general.
-Alistar for some tiles.
-Zeikku for the main tree tile.
-Mistersmeargle for the fakemon (Mechshark) (He made me it longggg time ago, and I found it, and was like, heyy, i'll put it in).
-X-buster and Forgotten Memory for the ROM base (which I replaced with other tiles, but some of it is still remaining, so yea, still got to give credit ;))
-Jackster, Mr. C, and redblueyellow for the ripped Mystery Dungeon sprites.
-thethethethe for answering all my questions on scripting.

Known glitches/oddities
1. Don't die before you get to Altitude City, otherwise the text is kinda weird.
2. Grass animation not fixed yet.
3. Hero is still the same, will be changed later.
4. Title screen/intro is still the same, will be changed later.
5. After you get the bike, it will reappear if you reset the map, I will fix that soon, just ignore it for now.
6. In the Skarmory event, for some reason before the battle the Ranger looks down, I don't know why, I'll try my best to fix that.
7. You will receive the badges in a different order, and you receive the 6th badge without even battling a gym (needed to give you it so Rock Smash can be used later).
8. The Pokemon Center at the moment is the gray building, I will insert new tiles soon.

Please report any other glitches you find.

I decided there was no point of posting this hack without some sort of alpha atleast, so here is an alpha, which has not been tested. It ends at the end of the SkyWay.
Hope you like this hack :) All suggestions will be welcome.
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