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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
Over-Cautious: I remember that the main problem with the old original RP's that I personally experienced, is that nobody wanted to take the liberty of making something happen. Or like, it was hard to describe where the character was or what they were doing because we weren't sure of the surroundings. I think RPer's that create original world plots should encourage their members to contribute their own ideas and such, and not just leave it up to the RP creator time after time. Assure them that they don't mind if they take the liberty of sitting down on a rock in what was originally imagined to be an empty field of wheat.
Haha, that's not just a phenomenon of original settings, you know. I remember one time in a journey RP where the cast was stuck in a pokémon center for one and a half pages because no-one dared to be the first to move it along. XD

And speaking of journey kidding. They're everywhere, near-identical (right down to that weird system that seems to be in vogue right now) and often frequented by the same people too. I mean come on, one journey not enough for you guys? XD

PMD RPs are a close second in my book, and I have to admit that right now my incentive for joining either kind is truly null and void. :< This is not a modly decree or anything, but more variety would be nice.
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