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    That's nice. ^_^ The coloring style was an older, simple style that I had made in place of Sugi-styled images. It doesn't take long and it's really simple. Thanks.

    Yay, style! What is my style? How would you define it.

    --- --- ---

    New pic added, A Neko from my Oracle Arrivals story. I added a PG-13 rating to it because some may find certain body hair depicted to be inappropriate. Why did I add this hair to the pic? The area just seemed so empty, and something called out to me, telling me to draw it. CLICK ME TO SEE.

    In Mystic Legends: A Tale of the Oracle Arrivals, the Nekos (cat people) are the arch foes of the Azmuls (wolf-elves, see my avatar). The Nekos of present time don't play a huge role in the story, but the Nekos of past time did.

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