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    Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
    Your Alpha is great, but there are some Places that doesn't have music.

    Scriping is really good, but the spriting part needs some work.

    Suggestion: Maybe make Skarmory able to catch once Adam isn't able to catch it.
    Thanks, I know some places don't have music, I'll eventually fix that...
    Yes, spriting needs some big time work, that's pretty much my weakpoint. And as for Skarmory being catchable, I'd have to say no, because Skarmory is a beast compared to Teddy and Unown, and It'll make the game too easy at the beginning...maybe some other time though, I never said you won't go back to the SkyWay...why do you think the ranger asked for your name???

    Originally Posted by X-aveon View Post
    wow, keep up the good work. i love your mechshark.
    i'll keep my eye on this.
    Thanks, yea, Mechshark is coolzzzzzz ;)

    Originally Posted by Time View Post
    it was great. too bad I'm stressed out 'cause of school. :\
    I'll play it when I can have some 'time'. :)


    I think you need to learn about how to use \p, \l and \v\h01. :\

    Still the hack is great.
    good luck with this hack project~
    Haha, play when I have some time!
    Actually I was thinking of changing some of that to make it more readable, but as for the \v\h01, I figured eventually people would catch on to the whole 'you talk in dark green' thing, but if it's confusing, I can change it ;)

    Originally Posted by riolu 9 View Post
    this is awsome but why didnt you use pokemon centres oh well its really good *goodluck*
    Reason: The tiles got all screwed up and I didn't insert new ones yet, so I figured I'll use that for now.

    Originally Posted by cε׀׀ View Post
    I wondered where you were gone XD
    This hack definitely looks more interesting than your previous hack (yes, I do remember it) I can see that the spriting is looking really good. But the Mewtwo OW needs some light shading work. The story sounds very spooky and interesting. Good luck.
    Spooky...yea, that's a cool way to describe it ;)
    Yes, Mewtwo OW needs some shading, that's a definite, I accidentally made it all white when I was inserting it, I may fix it later or ask someone to help, cause once again, spriting is not my strongpoint in any way.

    Originally Posted by Seraron~ View Post
    In general this one well, the only thing that I don´t like is the mewtwo, and the palettes of the trees meet too clear, changes tiles.
    Will change the palletes soon, I'm going to make them a bit brighter probably.

    Originally Posted by Shadowlurker View Post
    Love the game played it, cant wait till its finished. and i dunno if its a bug but in the green cave place you can go all the way left to a different place were you get attacked by lv 15 starlys and you can go against gary again whom is using a lv 15 piplup
    That's impossible?!?! Starly and Piplup aren't even in the game?!?!

    Originally Posted by Son Sebbe View Post
    OMG Itman made a hack?

    About that thing with giving a badge...

    PHP Code:
    #org @RockSmashScript
    special 0x187
    compare LASTRESULT 0x2
    if 0x1 goto 0x81A7AE0
    checkattack 0xF9
    compare LASTRESULT 0x6
    if 0x1 goto 0x81BE091
    setanimation 0x0 LASTRESULT
    bufferpokemon2 0x0 LASTRESULT
    bufferattack 0x1 0xF9
    msgbox 0x81BE09D 
    '"This rock appears to be breakable.\..."
    callstd 0x5
    compare LASTRESULT 0x0
    if 0x1 goto 0x81BE09A
    msgbox 0x81BDFD7 '"[buffer1] used [buffer2]!"
    callstd 0x4
    doanimation 0x25
    goto 0x81BE06F
    I just had to use the php code because of all the nice colours!

    This script will make you be able to use Rock Smash without any Badges... If you fx want it to be useable after first badge then inset
    PHP Code:
    checkflag 0x820
    if 0x0 goto 0x81BE091 
    I had to use it again...

    All offset are taking from the Orginal script so No need to change them!

    Am Also Programing you tool but Don't tell any body about it;)

    About the first bug, I don't understand But go check the Map Script out in Altitude City, which vars are there? Go remove them and hope the bug still happen, when you find the one that fix the bug, then Go put in in a script ealier...

    If it's when You'll need to go to the PokeCenter then inset ""
    Number of center can be checked in the centers map script...
    LOLZ this time I used Qoute.... Am I funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway good luck...
    You know you allways can ask for my help...
    All the scripting stuff I wrote in this post is for XSE, If you want them for Pokescript tell me..
    Whoa, thanks so much Sebbe! I do use Pokescript though, I'm not going to switch to XSE, so I'll talk to you on MSN about that, as that would be really helpful!
    Wow, pretty colors :P

    Originally Posted by makunouchi View Post
    Ooh, itmans hack is here.
    well, the story seems very... strange and straightforward to me.
    it sounds like there are very few sidequests.
    the idea of a teddy bear as a starter is awesome.
    but don't you think that if mewtwo wanted to kill you, he would've done it already?
    he is extremely fast and strong, and i think humans aren't faster than it.
    now, could i be a mapper?
    I'm pretty sure you know how my maps look, but i'll PM you them to make sure.
    Well, best of luck Itman1234!
    There are actually going to be a couple of long sidequests, but not many short ones. I may add some more, but I already have 2 planned. Yes, Teddy is awesome, :)
    No, Mewtwo doesn't know where you are yet, you have to play the game to know kinda, but when I get to the part you will see why he can't. I do see where you are coming from though!
    As for maps, PM me or talk to me on MSN, my name is [email protected] (PM works better though, easier for me to see the maps on).
    No new screens yet, I'm just mapping the next town and planning some events that will occur. As for me, I have lots of time to hack this week, considering I have the house to myself for 3 days.

    Ok, I'm glad everyone liked (hopefully) the Alpha, and I'm glad with the comments. Yayzzzz. Now, if anyone has some kind of Fakemon or something that they won't mind me putting in, just send it to me :) I love them :)

    Another thing is that there will most likely be no D/P pokemon in this game, maybe some, but only the cool ones that I know (I have never played D/P before, so I know of very few).

    Lastly, just for the record, don't ask to be a beta tester or whatever, I already have people in mind for when that day comes.
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