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    Originally Posted by Antwhan View Post
    nice to see the hack itman, didnt get a chance to play it yet but it looks cool...

    the new map looks good 2 mate

    good luck w/ it mate

    Originally Posted by Shadowlurker View Post
    its true they were in it. and is charizard gonna make a return?
    Of coarse Charizard will return, what's a game without a bad ass Charizard?

    Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
    I'm Lex's clone just with better english, and like Lex said" Don't Post full maps." It will make the hack not fun.

    The Pokecenters don't look good, because it does not look like the way it does.

    Other than that, the hack's awsome.
    Ok Lex's clone, you do have a point there, I shouldn't have done that! I'll post in-game screens of maps from now on.

    Yes, pokecenters tiles aren't in yet.

    Originally Posted by TB Pro! View Post
    Great job! It looks very good! I haven't the time to play the alpha right now, and you know why(at least I hope you do XD), but I will play it eventually. BOL!
    Great to hear from you!!!!!!!! It's been awhile! I konw why, and I'm glad you said BOL, for without it your comment would feel incomplete

    Originally Posted by T View Post
    You Copied Oak having a mustache...
    I had that in my hack for almost 2 months now..
    1. In my hack, Oak doesn't have a mustache, I used the regular sprite.
    2. Even if I did, would it be that big of a deal?
    3. I didn't even know you had a hack.
    Okey dokey, later today I will have time to map and script a bit, not much though, I'm mostly going to be planning some things, as I have an idea, but I have to plan how to make it work. A friend of mine (secret) showed me how much planning ahead can help, so that's what I'm doing

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