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Hey everyone, Col here, back from my seemingly endless break from the forums. Last night, I decided to start a Pokemon game completely free from badges, catching, and training Pokemon. I call it: Pokemon Forest. I've written up a basic intro to the game:




"...What's going on...?"

"...Where am I...?"

You're in Pokemon Forest. A wondrous place where you get to live freely as a Pokemon, and unlike PMD, you don't have to help other Pokemon unless you want to. You can be any one of the 493 available Pokemon. How you got there? Who knows? You might've been abandoned? Or did you run away from home? It doesn't matter.

The game will run off the DS's internal clock, for a real time, full time, anytime game. It's like the Pokemon version of Animal Crossing.

The point is: live freely as a Pokemon. Or you can choose to live with someone. There's a ton of possibilities!
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