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Originally Posted by Mario_Bones View Post
Ah, that's how you get free space to work. Thanks a bunch!
EDIT: I tried it, and inserted a sprite over Mudkip in Ruby. When I chose the Pokemon in Birch's bag, the game froze... What do I do?
EDIT2: I used the Free Space you used in your tutorial and it worked fine. I think the Free Space that I got from Free Space Finder may have been wrong or something. How do I use a Hex Editing Program to find free space?
Originally Posted by Xenomorph View Post
Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me. My screen goes black when i try to catch the custom sprite.

I would also like to know how to add a custom back sprite to my custom front sprite (if that's what its called?)
I'm pretty sure the problems both of you had were that the free space you used from FSF didn't have enough space for your sprites or you put the palette too close. I had this problem as well and it's best to do what Jagold did and put the palette way in the back of the ROM with the sprite at the first bit of free space you find. I hope this clears up the problems people might have.
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