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Originally Posted by Aztekia View Post
I'm sorry if you have answered this earlier in the thread, but I am really stuck.

No matter how much I try, I can't make the addpokemon command work. It's vital to the mod me and my friend are making, so I just wanted to know how to do it.

Most of the time the compiled text says: 'Unknown value in addpokemon (Value must be integer)
You're using Fire Red, right? Add 3 more 0x0s on to the end, so it has 6 values (Fire Red needs this, Ruby is fine without it).
Originally Posted by jimmyjoejohnson View Post
well just about all the stuff like if i look at the auto complete thingy there are a few i understand like addpokemon and checkitem and check flag and set flag but ehh heh everything else is JUMBO MUMBO at the moment :'( SO SAD I KNOW
Well, take Sprite to be Person (movesprite -> means moveperson). getplayerxy... gets the x/y coordinates of the player. Warp=teleport, var = variable. I don't really know what else... But a rule of thumb is, if you haven't come across it you probably won't need it... although more commands people haven't come accross are still trying to be researched
I guess you already know what "falldownhole" does!

Hm, I wonder who minimum-rated this thread without a reason, post, PM, visitor message or the like?
Suspect list:
1. Darthatron
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Er, that over... Thanks to Cooley and Blazichu I will soon be adding Pokémon Gold scripting support to the program! (Won't that be a sight to see!)
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