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Thanks for the comments.

Originally Posted by Mr.Fury View Post
Heres the edited userbar. =)

HTML Code:
Thanks Mr.Fury. I'll add them to the first post.

Originally Posted by i like hackz View Post
it was fun but when i started over it didnt work quite as well after i got the mareep.
Pryce didn't gve me anyhing ( before i started over he did )
and the cops wont let me go further so im stuck in the city -.-
Did you try starting over again? Or using a different ROM? It should work fine with the Fire Red squirrels ROM.

Originally Posted by Forgotten Memory™ View Post
A question. Is the "Black" and Neo Team Rocket both your enemies? If so, good luck with implementing a storyline that will balance them out. XD
Yes, they both are. The "Black" at first wasn't a team or anything, but I have an idea about that.

Originally Posted by Taku51 View Post
One word... AMAZING this has to be one of the greatest and most original hacks I have ever played. This is probably the first hack that I wanted to know the story it is just so good!!!

Good luck on finishing can't wait

Also I found a bug

When you first get the pokedex and pokeballs you can leave the town and come back and you can get 5 more balls and a second dex which isn't really bad but I just felt like telling you so you can fix it if you want.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. But it's been fixed again, just to make sure.

Originally Posted by Taku51 View Post
Will I be able to use my .sav file from the alpha on later releases cause I found a shiny tailow and he's so awesome... =)))
You can, but you may notice weird things because of the new events added.

New screenshot time~

Sophia event in Selene Cave.

New buildings in Senora City.

New route, south of Senora.

Orihalcus mine remade.

I've made more improvements and additions than I had planned, so the mini-game script isn't done yet. But the new alpha will be ready when I'm finished with it.

The Pryce event in Reine City was fixed, so there won't be any second pokédex, or guards still blocking the way after the event.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements or additions I could include in the next release, please post and I'll think about it.

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