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    As you could expect from a few days without replying, this is gonna be another loooooong multiquoting post. Hope I quoted your question, if not, sorry

    Originally Posted by nooooooooooo View Post
    hey zel this is just a thought but you should add another rival that gets the pokemon that you or the main rival didnt choose like if i got totodile then the main rival would get chicorita and the new rival would get cyndaquil
    Originally Posted by ssj92 View Post
    new rival would be great. he said on his new island that we will meet a new rival so ya. also we can;t have too many rivals9gotta watch those slots available )
    Originally Posted by Wind~ View Post
    That, that does sound good, but, maybe you should meet the rival after you enter Eckruetect(sp?), and the new rival should be the female character, if you pick to play as a boy, or it should be a boy, if you pick to play as a girl.
    Although I cant tell much, the new rival is another boy, mainly because his personality wouldnt fit a girl too much (yeah, when I imagine a rival I start with his personality, else it wouldnt be too "real"), and he is an "islands exclusive" character, so he wont show up before than that.
    What Pokemon will he use? Sorry, but that's a se-cret ;P

    Originally Posted by JJK View Post
    And shinys... apart from the red gyara i havent found a single shiny in the INTIRE advance games... and i've played sapphire, emerald , firered and SG, plus minor hacks (LOD)

    But i have one shiny on diamond, without the radar, but... it's a shiny BIDOOF. God hates me.
    Now I can feel better knowing that, even if I only found five since I started playing Pokemon, I found more than you! :D

    Originally Posted by The Immortal View Post
    Great job zel, I have a few question though:

    Can we trade pokemon with people around the world using VBA Link?
    Does the 'X' version only have harder trainers/pokemon or is the whole story/quest made harder?
    Yes you can trade, but only with a FR/LG (or another SG, obviously >.<), so far, trading with R/S/E is not allowed, but you'll be able to when you reach Pallet and talk to Oak (which'll happen on B6)

    It only gives the trainers different (and relative) better lineups, with incresed levels and movesets. But, other than that, it's just the same game, including the Pokemon found in the wild.

    Originally Posted by smashmaniac2008 View Post
    Yes thats a great idea Gold (if you chose girl) or Crystal (if you chose boy) will battle you at random times with the pokemon you have an advantage to he/she will be nice to his/her pokemon and be the total opposite of Silver your other rival.
    Hmmmm... I dont know...

    Originally Posted by phelex002 View Post
    I am a pokemon fan from China.I saw a shinygold beta6 appear in the internet. is this your hack rom?have you finish hacking the shinygold beta6? I dont know the details about you!
    please tell me the details about shinygold! thanks!
    Hopefully not in one of those pirated versions. But yeah, it's my hack and no, I'm still not done with it. More details about the hack? If you have some time, just start reading this thread (and the older thread)

    Originally Posted by BRTD View Post
    Would it be possible in the areas that were added and not originally in GSC to use RSE music?
    I've been using a few, but since I'm not sure how BGMs from the original Gold we are gonna use, there's nothing certain on that. I like a few tracks from DP more than the ammount of tracks I like from RSE.

    Originally Posted by Ikwaylx View Post
    Another thing, because of the higher levels in Shinygold X. Are you going to be raising the levels of the wild pokemon as well? Because the elite 4 are at level 60 or so, wouldn't it be a bit tedious to be training against level 35 odd pokemon in victory road?
    No way, I consider that having lower leveled Pokemon (compared to the trainers) makes it harder to train (which also helps me in the idea that the game is supposed to be harder)

    Originally Posted by BRTD View Post
    Zel, have you considered making Golem/Alakazam/Gengar/Machamp gained by happiness evolution instead of level evolution?
    Too cheap. At least, happiness evolution allows you to get powerful Pokemon on earlier levels. I dont like how that sounds.

    Originally Posted by Sheimi-Manafi View Post
    Zel, how tough will Satoshi be?
    In the normal, Red is gonna be just the same as he was on the original Gold. In the X... that's to be confirmed.

    Originally Posted by bloodflood View Post
    and i had a question did you scratch the ho-oh on the title screen cuz it looks really good
    Neos helped with the titlescreen, I'm not really sure where he got it from (probably it's the same place where he's been getting the DP sprites for his hack, I dont remember the name of the place)

    Originally Posted by Ramengan View Post
    Random Question: Is there a way to get the "Stick" item for Farfetch'd? I happen to have two, one shiny (yays), and I want sticks for them. I tried stealing from wilds to no avail. They may have one and be rare, but according to Bulbapedia, it's only accessible in Vermillion in FireRed, and I can't find it there since it's all changed. If someone has a stick, can you tell me that it is possible? Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. If not, can you, Zel, add it in somewhere? If you could add it as a held item for wild Farfetch'd, that'd be awesome. Certainly not a big deal, but I'd appreciate it.
    whew, long question.
    As far as I remember, nobody gives you the Stick item, but, since hold items in wild Pokemon wasnt changed, I think the wild Farfetch'd may have one, rarely.

    Maybe in the islands I could give access to those "unique" items, but I'm not really sure.

    Originally Posted by Ramengan View Post
    Sent you a PM, blackpen.

    I hope there's more bug-catching contests in the future. I was dumb and saved after wasting my first 2 chances by getting Everstones. Now I only have 1 Sun Stone and 2 pokemon to evolve. :/
    Also liked the legendaries appearing on the map. Only ran into Entei so far, and it ran before I could even battle it. I deserved that, though. I actually decided to stop and save as soon as I saw it, THEN approach it. I don't know what made me think that would actually work.
    There will, and most likely, will work based on timed events as everything else. But I want it to remain with a few chances till at least you reach the islands. It'll make you be more careful with what you do through the game.

    And about Entei, keep in mind that as soon as you enter the map, it's already decided if it'll show up or not and if it'll flee or not. Making it harder to manipulate them

    Originally Posted by alureon View Post
    Zel was wondering if you would add the Stick (Farfetch'd) with the, Light Ball for (Pika), Metal Powder (Ditto), Soul Dew (Latios/Latias), Deepseascale, Deepseatooth (Clampearl Sp Atk, Def), Lucky Punch, Lucky Egg (Chansey) Thick Club (Marowak) with a decent drop rate if not in the game. I wonder if the other hold items would be available through purchases. Zigzagoon pickups are cool, some free items yea.
    Nope, I'm not gonna change the drop rate, but as I said before, maybe I'll give an easy access to them on the islands (which is almost like at the end of the game)

    Originally Posted by smashmaniac2008 View Post
    Can you change golds backsprite to make him look forward like Red did in FireRed/LeafGreen because he looks fat sideways.
    I like his sprite and specially the pose, even if not everyone agree with me.

    Originally Posted by phelex002 View Post
    Can I catch mewtwo or mew in ShinyGold Beta6?I remember that there are many places I cant enter...such as cerulean city,near the sea there is a house that we will bring some pokemons to let him see to get the fire stone or leaf stone and so on...on the right side of this house,there is a breakable rock ,and I smash it there is a rock the end of this road...there is a big stone stopping you enterng the hole....
    what is it? it the mew2 or mew's hole ?
    Mewtwo on B6? Not yet. It's just too awesome to get it yet >o<

    *takes a deep breath...*

    Originally Posted by billi1000 View Post
    yo zel, hows the hackin goin, i made a new banner 4 u, hope u like it:
    Thanks, I hope to remember to upload it to the first post (better send it to me in a PM so I wont forget about it)

    Originally Posted by phelex002 View Post
    zel,what time have you started to make shiny gold beta6?We are in the China so we dont konw it...
    the pokemon fans in the China are Crazy about shiny gold !we all appreciate shinygold of course and you ..
    around the world all pokemon fans are friends!!
    Since about the first months of 2006.

    Originally Posted by pokegamefreak View Post
    Maby you could make the traded pokemon evolutions evolve with an item thats named: "trade cable". That item is also in pokemon mystery dungeon and i think that that is a great solution for the traded pokemon.
    As the happiness evolution, using items for evolving is another easy solution. I just made a few Pokes evolve that way, and with varied stones, which I think is fair enough.

    Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
    I can't remember how long it was that you started this... Was it 2005? It seems like a long time and doesn't seem right. I know you were working on it before you first posted it however. Also, when did the last Beta come out? I don't even know which ones I've played as I'm trying to wait until the final version (story wise at least). How are things looking in the space department? I know you were always worried you'd run out of trainer slots and I was curious as to how many you'd used.
    I wish I remembered all the dates precisely, but I dont... :\

    Anyway, there are still a good bunch of slots, and even if they dont seem to have enough Pokes in their lineups, I can always repoint their lineups to free space to give them more Pokes

    In terms of rom space, it's amazing, I still havent used as much space as I thought I'd need when I started

    Originally Posted by nooooooooooo View Post
    im not sure if this is against the rules but how do you rematch the trainers your registered i call them up but they never want to rematch me does it have something to do with picking the berries and waiting 5 mins or something?
    Exactly, getting rematches is also chained with the timed events. If you activated a timed event before, the trainers will keep saying their random stuff. Just walk around without interacting with anything and they'll accept rematches. However, as soon as you get one, a timed event activates, so you know what that means.

    Originally Posted by deathmoon View Post
    I have an idea for an Island minigame, somewhat of a battle frontier challenge. The "brains" would be your 7 rivals, each of their teams being in thier prime. No healing outside of items will be allowed, and to compensate for pp drainage, I propose an item that restore pp should be sold at the mart before the challenge, like ether or max elixer. Each of the challenges should have a theme to it, that accustomes to the rival boss at the end, like mono team for ard and double battles for rina and dante. Also there should be a random challenge for one of the rivals to test your abilities. The prize would be re-useable move tutors, however they will be expensive.

    A list that I thought of:
    Calm mind:100,000
    Dragon dance: $120,000
    Thunder wave:$85,000
    Softboiled/Synthesis/Recover: $200,000
    Bulk up: $100,000
    Body Slam:$75,000
    Will-o-Wisp: $100,000
    Flamethrower/Ice beam/Thunderbolt:$100,000
    Focus Punch: $100,000
    Drill Peck: $75,000
    Baton pass:$45,000
    Counter/Mirror coat:$125,000
    Swords dance/Agility/Amensia:$150,000
    Rock Slide:$150,000
    Frenzy Plant/Hyrdo cannon/Blast Burn:$125,000
    Pain Split: $150,000
    Destiny Bond/Perish song:$200,000

    I would love it if you could implement this idea in Zel... =P
    To begin with, I dont like the idea of having all the rivals gathered on the same place.
    Then, the whole idea of challenges sounds appealing, but I kinda have something like that planned, without the prizes you mention. Though I agree that having move tutors as prizes seems fair. Too bad I cannot change the move they teach...

    Originally Posted by Haileo View Post
    I think I found a glitch/bug. When you go into the Name Rater's house in Lavender Town, the room all glitchy or something and I can't get out.
    That's because of the map that was used, I think. Need to remember to change that map...

    Originally Posted by Shadowlurker View Post
    Hey zel ive been a fan of your game for ages and i just want to ask are you still working on this hack or are you on another/ starting another coz i think your one of the best hacker if not the best
    Even if I helped someone else in the past, currently I just work on my own game. And I dont plan to start anything till I'm finished with this one first.

    *one more, one more...*

    Originally Posted by Emeralder View Post
    Hello i am new here and I didn't read every thing so I am not sure if anyone mentioned it, but there is a problem with the Red Gyarados, as soon as I see it every pokemon is shiny wild and trainer's and it won' stop.
    I would appreciate some help

    OH Zel I like your hack when will the new version be finished
    Seems like a problem that used to happen in older Betas. On the last one it should work ok, are you using the B5?

    *and that's it, now I'm gonna keep working on my stuff... faints*

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