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Hi, I've got the 1.5.0 version up & ready!
Download <-- Clicky!

  • Now you can run the tools dialog AND the decompile dialog at the same time, WHILE STILL editing text Neat, eh?
  • Added much-needed tooltips to toolbar. That was hell to implement.
  • Identifies, decompiles and recompiles... Pokémon Gold, Silver and Prism!! (not tried crystal, but Prism has a silly lockout-code which I just added to PKSV. Thanks Cooley, for the idea, the resources, and the motivation!)
  • Can convert offsets to pointers and back (thanks Blazichu!), meaning you won't have to switch to Scizz's A-Point every few seconds!
  • Has G/S/C autocomplete registry (except from pokeinc, I do NOT want to have to update that autocomplete set, it would take hours!)
  • Only hybrid G/S/C/R/S/E/FR/LG script editor out there, ever!
  • It's open source! Feel free to grab the source code (link)!

[If you're wondering where the decompiler/recompiler source is, grab the source to the non-GUI package instead]

Remember, any glitches should be PM'd directly to me so I can track 'em down and iron 'em out.
Plz not to PM me, I don't come here often enough. Email if you need me