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    Yo everybody.

    I'm wondering if anybody can provide a .sav or savestate (compatible with VBA, please) of Pokemon Emerald with all Pokemon (386) on level 100?

    Pokemon Emerald // 386
    All 386 Pokemon on level 100.
    VBA compatible savestate/savegame

    Everything else does NOT matter.

    I need it because I want to play with my friend but having some pokemon on level 5 and others at level 60 is not practical.

    Edit: Oh well, I have a savestate which is almost what I wanted. My current Savestate has all 386 Pokemon but not all are on level 100. (for example Ditto is on level 2 or 5 if I remember correctly.
    So if someone has a savestate which meets the criteria above, don't hesitate to post it. It's not THAT urgent anymore, though, so don't work hard for it. Just post it if you have it. =D