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Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
I haven't really posted here. But I've been looking at all the little differences I can see between this, XSE and Pokescript lately. And I've found that Pokescript is the one I like the most, but only because I'm able to edit the 'command database' so that I can rename commands so that they're much easier for me to remember. That feature is missing from these new tools.
Well, what I'm saying is if you can, is it possible to add that possiblity? It would help people like me and others who are stuck in their ways, to make the change over to a more reliable tool.
If you download the backend source code (PKSV w/o GUI) then look in "pokedef.h" or "golddef.h", and "recompiler.h" and "decompiler.h", you will find all the commands and all related code.
Autocomplete listing is in the pksvui.c of the frontend source code.

As for the premature end to #define... What a way to start V1.5.0, eh?
Update for that coming in a few minutes

Update has come.
If you cannot get the update and are stuck with version 1.5.0, go into PokeInc.txt and do a find/replace:
Find: CH'D
Replace: CHD
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