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Originally Posted by herr_sebbe View Post
But on the intro page, it says you have to use the MUGS Rom. I've tried another, and it was all glitchy after I patched.
hm... still may be caused by a patching error, or probably caused by your ROM, which isn't compatible with the patch, or maybe it's the patcher... :\
Ruby with MUGS intro...
and use LIPS as a patcher. :\

Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
Wow. Benevolent Wings has a powerful Rescue Team.

I was wondering, how can three completely different people can play on a same

we can play at the same time with the help of these joysticks. :D

They're for emulators, for us to play Play Station games through our computer.
Fire Flame is the player one, and Benevolent Wings' the player two... I play with the keyboard. T_T

It's also fun playing Kirby with the three of us.

anyways, here are three new videos...
They aren't much, but yeah...

Second Boss Battle - Regirock
Third Boss Battle - Team GreenLeaf
Fourth Boss Battle - Aerodactyl

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