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    Originally Posted by deadlyangel91792 View Post
    i like it so far the story seems interesting but you should make a new character sprite one of my favorite things in a hack is a fresh new character to play as maybe in black?
    The general OWs for the new hero are already made. I'll insert them whenever I have the time.

    Originally Posted by Visual View Post
    Yay it's finally back!
    I always looked for updates on this hack, I don't know why people didn't post in the showcase much but meh.
    I see you've changed the palettes from that greenish blue colour, I reckon those palettes looked better.
    Did you start again from scratch, cause it looks like not many events are put in.
    Yeah, I didn't like the older palettes because it seemed a little too green to me. It seemed like the trees and the grass matched. I'm sticking with the default palettes for now.
    Yes, I did start from scratch again. That's why it seems that there are hardly any events in the game. However, I've been working on smaller stuff first. I've been repointing text and hex editing some items to my likings. It may not seem like it but I did get a few scripts done.

    Originally Posted by ♦Nintendo♦ View Post
    Cool i like the sattelite . where did you get it?. i love it. also great mappings. GL with this.
    I got the dish from Emerald's Mossdeep Space Center.


    I'm glad that this thread is generating positive feedback so far... thanks to everyone who posted and complimented so far. I appreciate it.

    Sorry if it may seem like there are virtually no scripts in the game. There are, but, I just haven't took any screenshots of them, here's some of them.


    Now here's someone I'd like to introduce and has something to do with the main plot.

    Meet Wallace
    Wallace is a recurring character that will appear several times in the game, much like Steven in R/S/E but with a much bigger role. Along the way he will help you with several things and help you obtain valuable items. However, what are his motives for being in this region instead of Hoenn?
    Find out later in the game!

    Azure Horizons 2014
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    Pokémon: Azure Horizons