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Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
Oh, wow... These screenshots are great!

The first screenshots look especially awesome, as the added white mountainous tiles, and the very nice and realistic night sky, as all of the stars are different, and those are the types of shapes that you would see if you're looking at the stars at night.

Also, the girl, "Sophia", talking to you in that specific area, it gives a little feel that she's sort of shy and mysterious (and doesn't talk much). I wonder what that event is about, though...

The second and third screenshots are nice, although it's sort of hard to judge them (not saying that my screenshots are any better XD), but the maps look good nonetheless.

The last screenshot looks great as well, though it's a little difficult to judge as well... The map is interesting, though.

Good luck, Christos/Semele (changing your name back again, I see...)
Sophia is a little shy and not very mysterious, but she will start acting strangely after a certain event. She will talk much in both "versions", I wanted her to not talk much at first, but with her talking much it makes the events better to understand. You'll understand what I mean with the "versions" in the next release, I think.

Originally Posted by Shadowlurker View Post
ive got a suggestion because there are two badies as it were there could be two or more special pokemon they want to get to stop you or the others with
Both of the goals are different, and don't really have to do with catching Pokémon.

Originally Posted by makunouchi View Post
I hope you got permission, it just doesn't seem right that you recorded something without the creators consent.
Anyways, that updates are nice, and the tiles are just breathtaking.
you make them look so nice but simple at the same time.
And i thought the new mountain palette was pale, but it could have been because of the weather.
But these updates made me want to get alpha 1.2.
I'll get it as soon as it comes out.
Well, best of luck Semele!
I changed the mountain palette again, it doesn't look that pale now.

Originally Posted by Umby View Post
Oh... I didn't get permission, eh.

Sorry, but hopefully you'll let me continue...?
I like your idea, but I will be making improvements in the game, just like with Alpha 1.2, there's a new overworld and mountain palettes, and some of the events are remade, but if you want to continue I don't have a problem.

Alpha 1.2 is ready, I had some people to test it and it was fine, I just have to wait for the hero's overworld running sprites to be done, I tried to do them myself but they weren't that good. The Lapras Maze game is looking great, too.

A few screenshots, these places aren't going to be in the new alpha.

Horizon Hills is now Horizon Path, it's the biggest route in the game so far.

Mount Horizon, leads to the next city which is high up in the cold mountains, there's a Team Rocket event there.

A Pokemon that is discriminated!
Support squirtle and make it everyone's favourite.