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    Originally Posted by Iken View Post
    Argh ._.''

    ok, here's my problem.

    I'm trying to make someone give me running shoes.
    i know my script works, but i'll use the build in Free Space finder
    in Advance Map (1.92) And then it'll come up with a list of like 8 offsets.

    i'll make a person event, and then type their script offset as one of the
    ones from FSF.

    then i'll edit the script in XSE and press compile, then the window pops up,
    i press close, and then when i go into A-map, and try to re-open the script
    it's empty.

    Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong....?

    I'm finding that really hard to understand... sorry, I'm tired. In XSE you start with a dynamic offset:
    #dynamic 0x[offset]
    That's the only time you need to use an offset from FSF. Then you need to have a pointer which starts the script... normally:
    #org @start
    Compile the script and you should be given an offset, press copy and paste it into A-Map.

    I hope that helped.
    Originally Posted by Iken View Post
    On top of my last post... x_x''...

    I'd like to know if anyone has a list of flags for
    Fire red/Leaf green and Ruby/Sapphire

    i can't seem to find one D:
    I copied this from thex4's tutorial:

    Fire Red:
    0x820 - First Badge
    0x821 - Second Badge
    0x822 - Third Badge
    0x823 - Fourth Badge
    0x824 - Fifth Badge
    0x825 - Sixth Badge
    0x826 - Seventh Badge
    0x827 - Eighth Badge
    0x828 - Pokemon Menu
    0x829 - Pokedex Menu
    0x82F - Running Shoes

    0x800 - Pokemon Menu
    0x801 - Pokedex Menu
    0x802 - Pokenav Menu
    0x807 - First Badge
    0x808 - Second Badge
    0x809 - Third Badge
    0x80A - Fourth Badge
    0x80B - Fifth Badge
    0x80C - Sixth Badge
    0x80D - Seventh Badge
    0x80E - Eighth Badge
    0x860 - Running Shoes

    0x860 - Pokemon Menu
    0x861 - Pokedex Menu
    0x862 - Pokenav Menu

    Please don't double post, edit your last one instead.
    Originally Posted by hackergkenzz View Post
    can i have a link to a complete XSE tutorial
    Sorry, but there isn't one... You should thethethethe's tut and translate it into XSE using one of the XSE tutorials.

    Good luck.

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