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Update: {NPC's In-Depth/Userbar}---
[Using the Color-Coded System, just for laughs!]

Just a little update to hold you all over!

Kawaii's Status: Well, school's started, so everything is pretty hectic. Drama try-outs are also tomorrow. This all means that hacking is moving slower than a snail's pace, but once school gets rolling, I'll be able to hack more efficiently during the week. Until then, I've still got a part of the weekend (I still need to have somewhat of a life outside of this box...) to hack, which is good.

{Professor Basil}

Okay, this is (sorta) the professor in Tree of Peace! His name is Basil, and don't let his age fool you, he's very experienced for his age! Do you remember Prof. Elm's only aide? Yeah, that would be Basil! As you can tell, he loves music (the Bass, according to this picture) and may use such music to soothe the Pokémon under his care. At the beginning of the game, Prof. Basil's Green Leaf Academy is overrun by Team Rocket, who is looking for some piece of information. What information?...well, why should I tell you? Anyhow, Prof. Basil will help you MANYY times on your journey, sometimes indirectly, but at this point, the only thing he can do for you is upgrade that ratty, old Pokédex to a much newer Nationaldéx![Just FYI, I DO need someone to make overworld sprites for the game. If you have good experience, then please apply!!]


Well...I just kinda threw this userbar together to put in my signature, but I thought it'd be nice to add. Not much to say, but it features the Trozei version of Jumpluff, and one of Tree of Peace's official colors. I'll add it to the front, but I'm not gonna make a code for it, because I'm lazy...and have homework! By the way, if you think you could do better, then by all means do!
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