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Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
Good to see progress, Time. You need a rest from all this hacking.
Yeah, I do need some rest. :\
thanks though...

Originally Posted by Yukiko_xx View Post
awesome game. got hooked. =]

Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
This hack is looking great, I can't wait you finish it .

it has been a while

Hello pipz. My schedule's going crazy in the past couple of days, until now. :\

Anyways, the final version's done.
Hope you'll enjoy the game and report any bugs you might find.

I have updated the Chapter Pic and the screenies in the first post, and provided a link for you to download the latest version (since it's more than 1 MB in size).

It hasn't been 100% tested, or anywhere near 100%...

To those future questions, I will answer them in advance.

Yes, you can continue your previous saved game state/data. Just remember to save your game inside your base before switching betas.

Do not post anything here unrelated to the topic, e.g., Life of Guardians.

Bugs and glitches found, please do not hesitate to post it here.

Further questions, post them in the scrapbox.

I am really not in the mood lately, so to anyone who felt my rage, please forgive me. -__-

That would be all, good day and enjoy the game.

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