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    Introduction of maker:
    Hello everybody! Im doctor link! (simpsonj joke there) Jokes aside im link smash creator and founder of this excellent game that is being transferred from being to hard in hack form to a full blown sphere game.Why sphere and not rpgxp? Cause i hate the way rpgxp is setup and sphere dev is easy to use when mappings involved. Oh and algorithms where taught this year so i think if i could get an 85 i could make a game of off em no?

    Here is a tale bout an island so pure so peacful and so rich in goods that only gods could live there. Or in the world of pokemon legendaries. They year is 2000 bc. A boy part of the royal order gaurds of almaria island or ROGAI is about to take his first trip there as a 5th gen guard. His family is of the purest blood and was on the earth since the beggining. Now the land of legends is being harmed. His father and mother must find out what is happening. On the shores near the island a strange sight is seen.
    -Why that fire is the old mans hut is it not?
    -Yes dear it is.
    -Oh dear this is serious
    -Son stay here on the boat while we survey the area
    -No i want to come! You didnt give me a pokemon from the strange lands of sinnoh now for nothing right?!
    -Fine come along but be careful!
    And at the same time evil forces where starting to get comfortable on the island
    Now that your stuck on an island(not to far from other lands hint hint!) you decide to explore the area. Not goin far you meet the old mysterious man(that will usually help you). He tells you the legend bout bi and his protective powers on this land. Here the time doesnt deminish. It stays in a stance of everness of day to preserve its self. Always hidden in the mists its unreachable. But now it seems the dark lord can acess it at will. And these evil forces disturbed this once peacful island. The desert that wasnt always a deserted desert is now desolate. the forest is greying and is becoming stone. You must save this land by waking bi by collecting the three orbs of power.But the task isnt easy. The legends are now human sages descuised but with legend armor. Now go and beat the 3 powers of earth/air/sea!Thats the beggining plot to part 1 and just one unfoldment.

    4 regions not 5. Im taking out sinnoh putting almaria in there but edit in a way that its sinnoh like but a whole new region to explore.

    There will be 36 badges but there will be 3 levels of a badge thats gained from gyms. As gyms are now split into 3 levels and each level has a badge level yeahi think you guys got it

    The emotion thing ill surely be working on. Im just figuring out how to code it and all.

    Hoenn will get a major redoing as it is distorted from the evil works of team steam(magma&aqua together)

    The sotry line of the character takes place 5 years after kanto/hoenn and 2 years after jhoto/sinnoh. So failry old faces will surely be in to help and battle you along the way
    What else? Oh yeah the regions will have themes. Kanto got the whole color theme so yeah it will be a big colorful region and jhoto will have trees as the theme. Hoenn will have randomness as the theme as i cannot figue out what was going on there and almaria will have some kinda theme. Probably each city with a gym will be themed after the gym

    Anymore features? Oh yeah uh the mouse. It will be3 used to move around go through menus and all. I really want to spruce things up

    Oh i forgot. Touch combat. Ever played phantom hourglass? Well since the past part has random sword fights the battles will be houw PH had em. Im really going off the path in the past when it comes to playing a pokemon game so yeah.

    If thats not enough im acually looking for custom graphics by a talented spriter willing to help cause i suck!
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