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    Hack name: Pokemon Bismuth/Fusion/Medival (unsure of the name)

    Hack of: Fire Red

    Additional information about the hack: A Hack that Starts you out in the olden days of pokemon where technology was just being discovered and Pokemon were more of a workforce than Battlers. will have a few mechanics like a fusion system (On paper it seems fully possible but it won't have those lame "lol look I made a jigglypuff + Rhyperior" fusions I'm talking about something that could work in the realm of pokemon) and maybe time travel (I know it's been done but we want to expand on it)

    Finished percentage: Just started

    Your hacking skills: needs work :/

    What help or skill you're looking for: We just need someone Experienced with using the Hacking Tools to help us through things. If you have other skills we can put to use then that is Great but the main thing we need is someone to hold our hand through the hacking process. Thanks a ton in advance

    Additional contact information: Email me at [email protected] Or if you Have an IRC program (which you should get) join #/v/snesrpg (server is Rizon)

    Additional information: Get back to us when you can, and by "us" I mean "Me and another Guy"