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    Hey, I had an idea.

    Pokemon Frenzy Chronicles

    In the Hoenn region there has been peace since the gallant trainers Ruby and Sapphire set out on their adventures. When Rayquaza threatened the region they were able to defeat it and add it to their team. They have since grown up and are now the most elite trainers at Trainer Hill, which has replaced the Elite 4 challenge. They have donated many Pokemon to the huge research station which has replaced Prof. Birch's lab. The region is prosperous and powerful.

    But now a new danger threatens the Hoenn region...


    As a new recruit for Prof. Birch, you are sent into the region of Hoenn to catch every single Pokemon. But Team Rocket have made certain kinds of Pokemon extinct, so you are going to have to defeat them and capture the last specimens of those kinds.


    Team Rocket have invaded the Hoenn region, as a grunt it is your job to capture other people's Pokemon to aid Team Rocket's cause. You will hinder the junior researchers, the Police, and the Gym Leaders. You will not rest until you have been promoted!