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Originally Posted by icomeanon6 View Post
Well, this was certainly another great chapter! It was really interesting learning more about Mewtwo specifically, as opposed to mostly the surroundings. I think you did an awesome job of characterizing by showing more than telling.
People have pointed this out before, and it's true: I like to characterize for the most part by using things besides dialog or speech in general. I believe a lot of communication is non-verbal: you can tell a lot about someone or something simply by watching how they act or react in certain situations.

It's kind of funny saying that and then thinking about how Mewtwo doesn't have an actual voice.

Originally Posted by icomeanon6 View Post
I think I noticed one mistake, though. The term "wetware-to-software" is written as "wetware-to-hardware" during the surgery. I'm not sure which one is correct, I guess it depends on whether Mewtwo sends commands to some kind of OS or whether she controls the components directly.
Oof. That was a mistake on my part. It is supposed to encode her nerve signals into data. She could hypothetically control a ship manually with her mind, but it wouldn't be nearly as responsive or easy. Hmmm...

Thanks for reading, as always. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.
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