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    For evolution, you could just make a Torchic-Pikachu-Bayleef back sprite, a Torchic-Pikachu-Meganium back sprite, a Torchic-Raichu-Chikorita back sprite, a Torchic-Raichu-Bayleef back sprite, a Torchic-Raichu-Meganium back sprite, a Combusken-Pikachu-Chikorita back sprite, a Combusken-Pikachu-Bayleef back sprite, a Combusken-Pikachu-Meganium back sprite, a Combusken-Raichu-Chikorita back sprite, a Combusken-Raichu-Bayleef back sprite, a Combusken-Raichu-Meganium back sprite, a Blaziken-Pikachu-Chikorita back sprite, a Blaziken-Pikachu-Bayleef back sprite, a Blaziken-Pikachu-Meganium back sprite, a Blaziken-Raichu-Chikorita back sprite, a Blaziken-Raichu-Bayleef back sprite, and a Blaziken-Raichu-Meganium back sprite.

    Also, there are numerous spelling errors.

    Coincidentally, Torchic-Chikorita is my team in MDRRT (Team TorChik)

    Pikachu should be nicknamed as the player, and Dratini should be nicknamed "Steve."