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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
is the story going to be the traditional pokemon storyline? cuz dont worry if it is, I always found the old ones to be more believable and fun.
Yeah, I'm going to stick with the traditional plot formula... however, the main plot will have some twits to it later on.

Originally Posted by dshayabusa View Post
The new screenshots look great, Frostbite!

So, that last screenshot is of the Pokemon League right? It looks like you've changed how you get there, have you completely re-made the region or have you used some maps from the old Azure Horizons?

The 3rd gym looks like it'll be fun! Its sort of like a mixture between Blaine and Lt. Surge's gyms.
Thanks, the last screen is that of the Pokemon League. I did change how you get there which will require quite a few HM moves.

I've pretty much re-made the region however some of the first towns in the game still have their original maps from the old rom.

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