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Originally Posted by Bexley View Post
should a mod be typing things like that? jk, please dont interpret this incorrectly i just think its funny how you typed that

anyway someone wanna tell me why rocklee got banned, im his friend but i also wanna hear the true story, not like the mods did this unfairly, or he did this and we took it seriously so we decided to ban him, can someone tell me the story unbiasly(no offense to anyone)
I don't like to mini-mod, but thats against the rules.
Don't question any bans that we issue. Do not ask about a member's ban.
Bans to members are kept between staff and the member. Unless information is answered by a staff member, you should not ask about it. Don't question bans that we issue to members - additionally, do not invite friends to rally your ban.
now, i was wondering, what if a persons account gets somehow hacked and they use it to spam and get you banned(definitely or indefinitely)?
If there is proof that the account got hacked(even though its near impossible), will the ban be lifted? or will the person have to make another account?
I know if you get permanently banned, you stay banned, but what if you are banned for a while?Would you keep him/her banned until the ban is lifted because he/she didn't take care of his/her account better?Or will you life the sentence prematurely?
i know this sounds crazy and very unlikely, but its possible.
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