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    Originally Posted by dratii View Post
    I did all of the steps but when I load up my game and find the pokemon it is just a blue screen and freezes.
    Maybe you've done something wrong or your rom just crashed.

    Originally Posted by songlovermaster View Post
    Hey! redyoshi! exellent job on this. but i hav a question. Does this work for ds games?like pearl?
    maybe if you try...not really

    Originally Posted by Raging_Lugia View Post
    will this work with pokemon diamond?
    Ofcourse not.

    In reply to Raging_Lugia, no it will not. Unlz-gba is for GBA roms - Firered, Ruby, etc.My Now, my problem is pretty wierd.
    Importing front sprites is fine but when I try and import back sprites I change the the pallete using the Previous Palllete button (the palette before the default shiny) it screws up my front sprites for all pokemon and doesn't work properly with the back sprite either!
    Anyone have any ideas? My hack is so close!
    Don't change the pallete with the previous pallete button. It won't work either.