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    Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
    I wonder why it is allowed in Japan to make random reference to relgion in children's programmes and it's not in the US/UK etc because, arguably, it is a social construct...It really makes you think. And question if you should really "protect" chidren from this sort of thing. Or just why. Hmm...
    Yeah, they were willy-nilly with those religious references, huh? Then again, Japanese sensibilities aren't ours, though, Misty's line was pretty heavy for a 6-year-old's show.

    Moving on, I love the episode for the battle, as it demonstrated on how Team Rocket's Pokemon can do serious damage and aren't necessarily incompetent (ZOMG!). The battle fluidity and the motions made it incredibly intense, and well worth watching, even 10 years later. It's definitlely in my top 5 episode battles, easy.

    Finally, I love Caterpie, it was so -- I'll say it -- kawaii. Why did it have to evolve?! Wrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy?!

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