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    Originally Posted by Ichaste Pekoni View Post
    No problem. Yeah, it is pretty rare to find episodes that really connect together in Johto/Hoenn without being an actual arc or revolving around a specific event (Battle Pyramid, Whirl Cup, etc). I actually can't think of many of them.

    It wasn't just the personality side of it, though: it was that combined with the timing on the title screen that just created this huge..."no duh" reaction from the audience. That's what I was trying to get at.

    Ah, yes, hammerspace. Probably the second most abused writer's gimmick in this show, behind Deus Ex Machina and not counting the CotD as a gimmick. I think the fan may have first appeared either in the St. Anne episode. ...But we're still seeing it from time to time, aren't we?

    ......Just watch, soon we'll see Dawn pull a mallet from out of nowhere. -.-;

    If the point was how weak creatures can prevail, then wouldn't evolving Caterpie immediately after kind of ruin the point? I mean, it isn't goingto be weak anymore, so that victory can be written off as a fluke (or, more to the point, DEM).

    I always accepted that line as referencing how strong Pikachu in general can be and that Ash's Pikachu had gone past that without evolving, what with blowing up an entire Pokemon Center and all that. Simplifies things while still making sense, at least.
    Right, that kind of tight writing will always get my attention. After all, not everything has to be a multi-parter (looking at you, Yu-Gi-Oh). At least, the Pokemon writers don't indulge in that too often, as, frankly, cliffhangers get on my nerves.

    Oh, you meant the title screen in addition with the hoopla? Gotcha, I must have skimmed that part of your commentary. To be honest, yeah, I didn't care for the episode title, either, because, yes, the obvious ness of it. Thankfully, it was a better episode as it progressed.

    You're probably right about Dawn and the mallet, although, I see her with a paper fan, myself -- fits her dainty image more, I think.

    Indeed about the evolution, as it was more... random than anything else. How one minute, 'we're losing,' then another, 'we're winning,' then 'ZOMG! Evvvoo-lution!' It does say on the timing issue, as "how could we know it would evolve right then and there?" Or... how the weak can became stronger if they prevail? I dunno, either way, it's a mixed message.

    Maybe the writers were trying to have it both ways, as it's usually "evolve = saving the day," not the reverse, as demonstrated here. Or, maybe they wanted to pull off a surprise. Shrugs.
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